"My recent trip to Israel made my faith in Jesus Christ stronger and more real.  Israel and its people are truly protected and guarded by God as shown by the miracles that have protected them over the years.  Being there where it all happened made a lasting impression for me.  God is truly keeping them safe and guiding them through the progress they have made in building and protecting their country over the last 68 years.  We plan to return to Israel with the Huckabee tour in 2018!"

-Bob W.


"We have traveled to Israel with Governor Huckabee twice and are considering a third trip.  It is actually so much more than a trip.  It's a learning and growing experience.  To walk where Jesus walked and see what He must have seen really bring the scriptures to life and bring you closer to God.  Each worship service is a spiritual blessing - enhanced by the most beautiful music imaginable.  A visit to Israel with the Huckabees also offers so many insights into the Jewish nation, current events, and the Biblical prophecies that are unfolding before our eyes.  To top it off, the Huckabees take care of every detail, allowing the travelers to just enjoy the experience.  Best travel experience I have ever had."

-Kathy T.


"The experience of being baptized in The Jordan River was indeed a spiritual experience for me.  My baptism by Pastor Ken, was captured in photographs which I will cherish forever.  It was a moving experience to sing and praise Our Lord on The Sea of Galilee.  I was reflecting on the reading in the Bible of Jesus calming the waters all those years ago, as I looked in the distance at the fishing boats and the beautiful blue sky.   During the sunrise service led by Mike Huckabee, many gathered to experience the beautiful and calm start of a new day.  As people were sharing thoughts about our visit and the many historical places where we traveled, a dove flew to our gathering and rested on the lamp globe.  In that wonderful moment, I was reflecting how the dove was a very real confirmation that God is with us wherever we go."

-Bev D.


"This was our second Israel trip with the Huckabee's.  Given such, our expectations were not as high as the first time, but we must say this time was just as meaningful as the first.   Mike, Janet and David are awesome Christians and together they make this trip a learning experience of a lifetime. Last, if you are thinking about personal safety, we would say this is one of the safest places to be."

-Ken and Christie K.


"This was the most important trip of my life. Being able to see the areas where biblical events occurred has greatly strengthened my understanding of scripture. Governor Huckabee and the guides did an outstanding job of explaining the verses in the bible that referred to the sites we were seeing."

-Walter M.


"The Huckabee Israel Experience tour was “Over The Top. Not only were every one of our expectations filled, the experience was more than we could have ever expected. Their knowledge of the area and history, the sites, the food, the accommodations, the comradery, the fellowship enjoyed in created an experience never to be forgotten. The fact that we came away knowing more about our religion in 10 days than we had learned all of our lives was worth the price alone."

Ben and Carol H.