How do I Register for the Israel Experience?

Book your trip with us online by following the instructions below, by calling us at 800-921-4825 or by mailing your registration form and deposit to our address at BLUE DIAMOND TRAVEL, P.O. Box 242058, Little Rock, AR 72223.

Options for Registering for the Israel Experience

Click the "Sign Up" button found at the top of the website. Then follow the step- by-step instructions.

Call 800-921-4825 and speak to one of our knowledgeable reservation coordinators who will be happy to assist you.

Print off the Registration form, complete it and mail it to:

P.O. Box 242058
Little Rock, AR 72223

What do I need to book my reservation?

To book a reservation you will need the legal name for each passenger in your reservation and a deposit per person. You will also need to read and agree to the Terms & Conditions before a reservation can be completed.

What is the reservation deadline (latest I can book) for my event?

There is no set deadline, but availability become limited as the event approaches. Special late accommodations can sometimes be made by contacting us at 800-921-4825.

Who can book a reservation?

Anyone over the age of 18 who is financially capable of making the required deposit can book a reservation. 

Note: The person booking a reservation does not need to be traveling on the event, but they will need to accept financial responsibility for all individuals on the reservation.

Will my credit card automatically be charged for payments?

No, we do not automatically charge your credit card. Passengers must log in to make a payment, or can call us at 800-921-4825 to make a payment over the phone. 

I am travelling alone and I would like a roommate. How does that process work?

If you request, Blue Diamond Travel will attempt to put you with another traveler requesting a roommate. If we are able to pair you with someone we will connect the two of you prior to the trip.

Note: Asking for a Roommate match does not guarantee one will be found, if no match can be found, you will be responsible for the single supplement fee of $1200.

Can I use a credit card for my payment?

Yes. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and AMEX. However there will be a convenience fee for booking by credit card of $175.00  If you only book your deposit by credit card then the fee will be $25.00

Is the pricing per person?

Yes. All pricing is per person based on two passengers sharing the same room. There is a $1200.00 fee for a single room 

Is there a sample Itinerary?

Click here.

What should I know before I go?

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